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Here you can download the publications of the Circle of Good Will as pdf-files (for Adobe-Acrobat Reader ©. If you don’t have the Adobe-Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free from Adobe.


The Lunar Messenger

Cycle 14

N° XIV/1: Vistas of Wisdom 57: The Kingdom of God

N° XIV/2: Vistas of Wisdom 58: Intuition

N° XIV/3: Vistas of Wisdom 59: The Vertebral Column

N° XIV/4: Vistas of Wisdom 60: Rituals

Cycle 13

N° XIII/1: Vistas of Wisdom 45: Prenatal Life and Birth

N° XIII/2: Vistas of Wisdom 46: The Aspirant

N° XIII/3: Vistas of Wisdom 47: The Truth

N° XIII/4: Vistas of Wisdom 48: Motive and Motiveless Action

N° XIII/5: Vistas of Wisdom 49: Devotion

N° XIII/6: Vistas of Wisdom 50: The Father

N° XIII/7: Vistas of Wisdom 51: The Son

N° XIII/8: Vistas of Wisdom 52: The Mother

N° XIII/9: Vistas of Wisdom 53: Gratitude

N° XIII/10: Vistas of Wisdom 54: The Qualities of the Soul

N° XIII/11: Vistas of Wisdom 55: The Speech

N° XIII/12: Vistas of Wisdom 56: The Inner Temple

Cycle 12

N° XII/1: Vistas of Wisdom 33: The Externalisation of Hierarchy

N° XII/2: Vistas of Wisdom 34: The Energy of Synthesis

N° XII/3: Vistas of Wisdom 35: Karma

N° XII/4: Vistas of Wisdom 36: Working with Colours: Violet

N° XII/5: Vistas of Wisdom 37: Working with Colours: Blue

N° XII/6: Vistas of Wisdom 38: Working with Colours: Green

N° XII/7: Vistas of Wisdom 39: Working with Colours: Golden Yellow

N° XII/8: Vistas of Wisdom 40: Working with Colours: White

N° XII/9: Vistas of Wisdom 41: Working with Colours: Red

N° XII/10: Vistas of Wisdom 42: Working with Colours: Orange

N° XII/11: Vistas of Wisdom 43: The Divine Plan

N° XII/12: Vistas of Wisdom 44: Prayer - Meaning and Practice

Cycle 11

N° XI/1: Vistas of Wisdom 21: Lord Krishna

N° XI/2: Vistas of Wisdom 22: The Mahachohan

N° XI/3: Vistas of Wisdom 23: Durga

N° XI/4: Vistas of Wisdom 24: Kali

N° XI/5: Vistas of Wisdom 25: Lord Dattatreya

N° XI/6: Vistas of Wisdom 26: The Agnishvattas

N° XI/7: Vistas of Wisdom 27: Hanuman

N° XI/8: Vistas of Wisdom 28: Lord Narayana

N° XI/9: Vistas of Wisdom 29: Purusha

N° XI/10: Vistas of Wisdom 30: The Deva Kingdom

N° XI/11: Vistas of Wisdom 31: Vayu and the Maruts

N° XI/12: Vistas of Wisdom 32: Narada

Cycle 10

N° X/1: Vistas of Wisdom 8: The Avatars

N° X/2: Vistas of Wisdom 9: The Manu

N° X/3: Vistas of Wisdom 10: The Gayatri

N° X/4: Vistas of Wisdom 11: Savitri

N° X/5: Vistas of Wisdom 12: Master St. Germain

N° X/6: Vistas of Wisdom 13: Lord Ganesha

N° X/7: Vistas of Wisdom 14: Aditi

N° X/8: Vistas of Wisdom 15: Agastya

N° X/9: Vistas of Wisdom 16: Indra

N° X/10: Vistas of Wisdom 17: Agni

N° X/11: Vistas of Wisdom 18: Lakshmi

N° X/12: Vistas of Wisdom 19: Saraswathi

N° X/13: Vistas of Wisdom 20: The Gandharvas

Cycle 9

N° IX/1: Signs of Transformation 13: The Element Fire

N° IX/2: Signs of Transformation 14: The Element Akasha

N° IX/3: Signs of Transformation 15: The Three Gunas 1 - Tamas

N° IX/4: Signs of Transformation 16: The Three Gunas 2 - Rajas

N° IX/5: Signs of Transformation 17: The Three Gunas 3 - Sattva

N° IX/6: Vistas of Wisdom 1: The Devas

N° IX/7: Vistas of Wisdom 2: Lord Shiva

N° IX/8: Vistas of Wisdom 3: Lord Vishnu

N° IX/9: Vistas of Wisdom 4: Lord Brahma

N° IX/10: Vistas of Wisdom 5: Lord Rudra

N° IX/11: Vistas of Wisdom 6: The Kumaras 1 - The Lords of the Flame

N° IX/12: Vistas of Wisdom 7: The Kumaras 2 - Sanat Kumara


Cycle 8

N° VIII/1: Signs of Transformation 1: The Heart Centre

N° VIII/2: Signs of Transformation 2: The Throat Centre

N° VIII/3: Signs of Transformation 3: The Solar Plexus Centre

N° VIII/4: Signs of Transformation 4: The Sacral Centre

N° VIII/5: Signs of Transformation 5: The Base Centre

N° VIII/6: Signs of Transformation 6: The Higher Heart Centre

N° VIII/7: Signs of Transformation 7: The Ajna Centre

N° VIII/8: Signs of Transformation 8: The Head Centre

N° VIII/9: Signs of Transformation 9: The 5 Elements

N° VIII/10: Signs of Transformation 10: The Element Earth

N° VIII/11: Signs of Transformation 11: The Element Air

N° VIII/12: Signs of Transformation 12: The Element Water

Cycle 7

N° VII/1: Aquarian Wind 1: Crises

N° VII/2: Aquarian Wind 2: Transparency

N° VII/3: Aquarian Wind 3: Opinion and Originality

N° VII/4: Aquarian Wind 4: Manifesting

N° VII/5: Aquarian Wind 5: Dissolving

N° VII/6: Aquarian Wind 6: Sushumna

N° VII/7: Aquarian Wind 7: Beyond Concepts

N° VII/8: Aquarian Wind 8: Etheric Existence

N° VII/9: Aquarian Wind 9: Expansion

N° VII/10: Aquarian Wind 10: Electricity

N° VII/11: Aquarian Wind 11: The Stream of Life

N° VII/12: Aquarian Wind 12: Transmission of Energies

N° VII/13: Aquarian Wind 13: Protection and Protecting

Cycle 6

N° VI/1: Sun and Consciousness

N° VI/2: Mercury - The Light of the Soul

N° VI/3: The Energy of Venus

N° VI/4: Mars - The Power of Will

N° VI/5: Jupiter, the Principle of Expansion

N° VI/6: The Grip of Saturn

N° VI/7: The Work of the Uranus Energy

N° VI/8: Neptune, the Power of Merging

N° VI/9: Pluto, the Lord of Regulation

N° VI/10: The Work of the Moon 1: New Moon

N° VI/11: The Work of the Moon 2: Full Moon

N° VI/12: The Work of the Moon 3: The Magic of the Moon


Cycle 5

N° V/1: The Antahkarana

N° V/2: Nature and Natural Living

N° V/3: The Three Gunas

N° V/4: Kali Yuga, the Dark Age

N° V/5: Fiery Aspiration

N° V/6: The Five Senses

N° V/7: Group Life

N° V/8: Heart and Cordiality

N° V/9: Rejecting and Accepting

N° V/10: The Flow of Energies

N° V/11: The Play of Life

N° V/12: Music and Soul Awareness


Cycle 4

N° IV/1: Friendliness and Friendship

N° IV/2: The Wisdom of Waiting

N° IV/3: Number Seven

N° IV/4: Dealing with Obstacles

N° IV/5: Concentration and Alignment

N° IV/6: Death, Birth and Continuity

N° IV/7: Transformation

N° IV/8: Free Will and Freedom

N° IV/9: The Masters of Wisdom

N° IV/10: Compassion

N° IV/11: Prayer

N° IV/12: Thread of Life and Thread of Consciousness


Cycle 3

N° III/1: Light and Color

N° III/2: Purity and Purification

N° III/3: The Play of Illusions

N° III/4: The Kundalini

N° III/5: Disciple and Discipleship

N° III/6: The Secret of the Dawn

N° III/7: Space and Consciousness

N° III/8: The Cosmic Man

N° III/9: Impulse and Impulsiveness

N° III/10: Chakras and Lotuses

N° III/11: The Pulsation

N° III/12: Fundamentals of Occultism


Cycle 2

N° II/1: Fire and Flame
N° II/2: The Mother of the World
N° II/3: Awareness and Thought
N° II/4: The Mystery of the Serpent
N° II/5: Eternal Wisdom
N° II/6: Working with the Key of Time
N° II/7: Magnet and Magnetism
N° II/8: Dissolution and Creation
N° II/9: The White Island
N° II/10: The Buddhic Plane
N° II/11: The Art of Breathing
N° II/12: Cooperation with the Devas


Cycle 1

N° I/1: Symbolism and Use of the Hands
N° I/2: Woman and Man
N° I/3: Balance and Beyond
N° I/4: Union with the Will
N° I/5: The Journey Inside
N° I/6: The Eternal Law
N° I/7: Meditation for the Aquarian Age
N° I/8: Building the Bridge
N° I/9: The 7 Races
N° I/10: The Spiritual Hierarchy
N° I/11: The Essence of Man
N° I/12: The Power of OM
N° I/13: Lord Maitreya



Basics of Spiritual Life


N° 1: Yoga - The Path of Synthesis
N° 2: Rhythmical Living
N° 3: Working with Sound
N° 4: The Power of Motives
N° 5: Soul and Personality
N° 6: Love and Loving
N° 7: The Teacher-Student Principle
N° 8: The Power of Habit



Good Will in Action


N° 1: Fundamentals of a Spiritual Education
N° 2: Money and Good Will
N° 3: The Value of Service
N° 4: Food and Drink
N° 5: Body and House
N° 6: Dying and Deathlessness
N° 7: Etheric Existence and Good Will
N° 8: Groups and Group Consciousness
N° 9: Serving the Plan
N° 10: Dealing with Sexuality
N° 11: Giving and Taking
N° 12: Cooperation



"Ideas and Recipes for a Lacto-Vegetarian Diet"

Download the brochure (pdf, 196 kb)



H.P.B. - Trailblazer for the Aquarian Age

Download the brochure (pdf, 196 kb)



Powerpoint Presentations
on Eternal Wisdom Teachings and Everyday Practice

1. Meditation - Experiment and Experience

1. Fundamentals – The Process of Meditation - as PDF

2. Recognising, Understanding and Overcoming Obstacles - as PDF

3. Fundamentals and The Path of Spiritual Development- as PDF

4. The Importance of a Teacher on the Path - as PDF


2. Basics of Spiritual Life

1. Silence - Speech - Sound - as PDF

2. Routine, Rhythm, Ritual - as PDF


3. The Call of the Soul


Letters on Spiritual Astrology





Aries N° 1
Taurus N° 1 Gemini N° 1
Cancer N° 1
Aries N° 2
Taurus N° 2 Gemini N° 2
Cancer N° 2
Aries N° 3
Taurus N° 3 Gemini N° 3
Cancer N° 3
Aries N° 4
Taurus N° 4 Gemini N° 4
Cancer N° 4






Leo N° 1
Virgo N° 1 Libra N° 1
Scorpio N° 1
Leo N° 2
Virgo N° 2 Libra N° 2
Scorpio N° 2
Leo N° 3
Virgo N° 3 Libra N° 3
Scorpio N° 3
Leo N° 4
Virgo N° 4 Libra N° 4
Scorpio N° 4






Sagittarius N° 1
Capricorn N° 1
Aquarius N° 1
Pisces N° 1
Sagittarius N° 2
Capricorn N° 2 Aquarius N° 2
Pisces N° 2
Sagittarius N° 3
Capricorn N° 3 Aquarius N° 3
Pisces N° 3
Sagittarius N° 4
Capricorn N° 4 Aquarius N° 4
Pisces N° 4