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„Paracelsus - Health and Healing”

A Magazine for Healing Practices and Traditional Knowledge of Medicine in East and West


A group of doctors, healers and health workers has started in 2003 publishing a magazine entitled „Paracelsus - Health and Healing“.

The object of this periodical is to collect and to synthesize the new and old knowledge of medicine and of the art of healing of East and West, to make it thus available to the people. The editor-in chief of the magazine is Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar.

“Paracelsus - Health and Healing“ is now published online 6 times a year, in English, German and Spanish. Topics are: The teachings of Paracelsus, homoeopathy, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy, massage, dietetics, alchemy, colour therapy, sound therapy, Yoga, healing through meditation etc.

The magazine carries the name of Paracelsus. Paracelsus was one of those who genuinely dedicated his life to find the cause of diseases and also to find natural medicines to cure such diseases. 500 years after his advent Paracelsus is growing more and more relevant to the present times. His knowledge of minerals and metals, elements and herbs, seem to throw much light upon the riddle of cure. He was a genuine healer, deeply intent upon finding the right cure through right medicine and has been a source of inspiration for many. He was himself a fire philosopher, an alchemist and a healer of a high order. In loving memory of him a group of workers in the field of health and healing decided to gather and disseminate the knowledge of health and healing as it is known in the 4 corners of the planet, which remain relatively less informed than what they deserve.

The “Paracelsus - Health and Healing“ magazine is an activity of service that aims to help the doctors, the healers, the health workers, the sick, and in general those who are interested in health and healing. The magazine proposes to give varieties of techniques of maintaining good health and also varieties of therapies for treating varieties of sicknesses. The co-operation of doctors, healers and health workers is the strength of the group and it is hoped that the magazine would find its effective usefulness to the humanity at large.

The work is dedicated to the health of humanity; may it serve its purpose in tune with the spirit of goodwill. The activity of this magazine is entirely non-profit and is service oriented. It is organised by a group within the World Teacher Trust, an international spiritual and service organisation working for 30 years in India, Europe, North, Central and South America. Helpers for the cause, knowledge, technical and financial are welcome.

If you are interested, please contact the  Paracelsus-Magazine.