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Basics of Spiritual Life


When we function as Souls,
we gradually realise
that all forms around
are veils of sound, colour and shape
around the Soul and that
behind every form and its quality
there is the functioning of the Soul.
There is but the Soul
functioning in many forms as the Souls.
In truth there are not many Souls
but one.

Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar


More and more people sense that they have seen enough in the outer life and feel attracted by the spiritual path. Often however the basics of spiritual life are then ignored. Many study advanced wisdom teachings without first having organised their minds and their personalities, without showing in their lives only one per cent of the wisdom studied. They gather mental fund and are of no use neither for themselves nor for others. Some think that the circumstances of their lives don’t permit them to go the path, through sluggishness and imbalance they put up obstacles for themselves. Frequently spirituality is also practised at the expense of common sense, responsibilities and family duties are neglected. All exercises don’t bear fruit or only one-sided developments, as long as the foundations have not been laid.


Therefore we have to follow the fundamental steps, i.e. to put them into practise. Thus we slowly can learn to express ourselves as souls. "Basics of Spiritual Life" wants to give some hints for this.