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Newsletter: Taurus Full Moon, 2017 astrosign

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Moon Phase

Dear Friends,

Vaisakh Full Moon
Taurus full moon is called the full moon of the Buddha, because there is a transmission from the Buddhic plane. The festival existed even before the advent of Gautama Buddha. We have the Aries full moon on the Atmic plane, the Taurus full moon on the Buddhic plane and the Gemini full moon on the mental plane. In this way, the whole of humanity receives the energy in the month of Gemini through the disciples. It is also a beautiful occurrence that Gautama Buddha was born on the day of Taurus full moon; he received his enlightenment on a Taurus full moon day, and he also left his body on a Taurus full moon day.
On the planet, Taurus full moon will increasingly be celebrated as the Vaisakh festival until the time when humanity realises that death is a myth. The Vaisakh festival is a group effort and not an individual effort. That is why it is important to come together in a group at the Vaisakh festival.



The Lunar Messenger

The Lunar Messenger
Taurus is the first earthy sign and the first fixed sign of the zodiac. It signifies firmness and consolidation of a purpose through determination. If our orientation is persistently directed to the outer world, the intentions of our soul darken and its original intent is distorted. Therefore, we daily have to reorient to our origin so that the qualities of the soul can flow through freely.
The subject of this Lunar Messenger is therefore "Vistas of Wisdom 54: The Qualities of the Soul".


Book of the Month

Book presentation

The booklet “The Divine Convergence” is about a great swami who was a disciple of Master E.K., and he was already a disciple of Master C.V.V. in a very secret way. He was well known in India as a Shankaracharya and he wanted to leave his path when he met Master C.V.V. since his path was full of regulations. But Master C.V.V. told him that he was representing an institution which was thousands of years old and it would give a wrong example to others. In his next life, he could come to the path of Master C.V.V. So he came to Master EK and worshipped him and Master C.V.V.
This information is meant for the circles of the WTT and not for larger circles.

Picture of the Month

Picture of the Month
Lord Krishna playing his flute is enchanting the fellow-beings into a plane called Brindavana. The flute has seven pores modulating the seven musical scales. Similarly, along the spinal column there are seven sensitive points (the six chakras and the head-centre). The region between the throat-centre and the birthplace of Indra (a point just above the Ajna-centre and below the minor head-centre) contains all the seven main centres which bear their correspondences in the seven centres along the vertebral column. There are seven other centres above the neck (the portion of body ruled by Taurus) which bear a direct correspondence and relationship on the solar-cosmic level (second bridge) with the seven stars of the constellation of Pleiades.
Pleiades feeds the disciple with the spiritual foods secreted through the glands of that region. The Pleiades are also thought of as the wives of the seven great seers (the constellation of the Great Bear). Pleiades establishes a link between the seven stars of the Great Bear and the seven centres above the neck of the disciple. (Dr. E. Krishnamacharya: Spiritual Astrology)
The picture of the month, "Taurus - Krishna's Flute, Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Centres", illustrates this symbolism.



Vaisakh Newsletter

Vaisakh Newsletter

You can find here the English version of the Vaisakh newsletter for the month of Taurus. The Vaisakh Newsletter is always published at the beginning of the sign. If you would like to be informed as soon as the letter is published, we can include you in the Vaisakh Newsletter mailing list.

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