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Newsletter: Cancer Full Moon, 2017 astrosign

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Moon Phase

Dear Friends,

Moon Lotus
In India, Cancer full moon is celebrated as the full moon of the World Teacher, Guru Purnima. During Cancer full moon, the Sun is in Cancer, in the twelve-petalled lotus of the heart centre, and the Moon is in Capricorn, in the eight-petalled lotus of the higher heart centre. During this profound festival, the aspirants and seekers contemplate in their hearts on the teachers who impart the light of truth to them.


The Lunar Messenger

The Lunar Messenger
The watery sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Moon reflects the light of the Sun, and the moon principle, our mind, can reflects in us the light of the soul. Cancer governs the tides of the ocean and the movement of the blood, which is kept circulating by the pulsation of the heart. By contemplating on the pulsation we can get into the inner temple of our heart centre, the inner sanctum. There we are entirely at home within ourselves. When the Sun enters Cancer, he comes for a visit to our inner temple.
The subject of this Lunar Messenger is therefore "Vistas of Wisdom 56: The Inner Temple".


Book of the Month

Book presentation

Master Morya states: “Let the new age begin with you. Evaluate your own work and your own ability to manifest a thought of goodwill into action. Let every individual strive at his level. It is much better than looking for some leader or some messiah doing it for us. This would be truly Aquarian!”
The book “Teachings of Master Morya, Vol. 2” contains seed thoughts expressed by him. They are elaborated and described by Dr. Sri K. Parvathi Kumar for easier comprehension of an average person

Picture of the Month

Picture of the Month
What we see as Sun is the reflection of the internal Sun-principle, as the externalised solar image. This reflection of the internal principle into the external brilliance is called "Moon principle". Our visible Sun is really the Moon of the Internal Sun. To our Earth the satellite Moon works out the Moon principle for the sunlight to reflect and be transformed into moonlight. Without the satellite Moon, our Earth would not have inherited minds for her children. The cosmic mind is realised by man through the rays of Neptune. The solar mind is realised through the rays of the Sun and the individual mind is felt through the rays of our satellite Moon. (Dr. E. Krishnamacharya: Spiritual Psychology)
The picture of the month, "Cancer - Artemis, Layers of Reflection", illustrates this symbolism.



Vaisakh Newsletter

Vaisakh Newsletter

You can find here the English version of the Vaisakh newsletter for the month of Cancer. The Vaisakh Newsletter is always published at the beginning of the sign. If you would like to be informed as soon as the letter is published, we can include you in the Vaisakh Newsletter mailing list.

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