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Newsletter: Aries Full Moon, 2017 astrosign

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Moon Phase

Dear Friends,

Aries video
Sebastián Rey Aristomuño, from Lipika Films in Buenos Aires, realized a video clip on the basis of my painting “Aries – Permeation”. With the video, Sebastián brought the different layers of the image into movement and thus shows the various dimensions of it. Below, with the 'Image of the Month', below you can read more about the symbolism. And here about how the image developed.



The Lunar Messenger

The Lunar Messenger
The fiery sign of Aries stands for a new beginning. Life receives powerful new impulses that slowly unfold with time. They ensure that our lives do not stagnate. However, we usually do not think of what gives us inspiration and power or how many beings constantly support us. We also mostly forget the numerous intelligences that enable our lives and we do not pay attention to the sources from which we receive unexpected help. It is important to be grateful for the gifts of the life.
The subject of this Lunar Messenger is therefore "Vistas of Wisdom 53: Gratitude".


Book of the Month

Book presentation

The word ‘spiritual' means something relating to the spirit. The word ‘spirit' means the essence of everything. The matter in our body and the matter in the things around us are made up of atoms, and the atoms can be called the spirit of matter. All the atoms are made up of some great energy and the energy can be called the spirit of atoms. All this energy is made up of the space consciousness in which we live and this space consciousness can be called the spirit of energy. When we try to understand the spirit and remember the spirit in us and in everyone then our thoughts and our actions and our speech belong to the spirit.
The book “Spiritual Constitution. Overseas Messages IV” is a collection of seven talks of Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya about different topics of spirituality.

Picture of the Month

Picture of the Month
The horse is a symbol in the Vedas for life force. Whenever they speak of the ray of the Sun, they call it the horse. That is why the scriptures say, the Sun has a chariot of seven horses and spreads as seven rays. The sunray bestows awareness and also life. It is called Asva. Asva has a very profound meaning. Asva means not Sva. Sva means past or future. That which is not past, that which is not future, is the present. Asva is the awareness which is focussed for the present; it is the most alerted one. Any being fulfilled with life is most alert. The seers observed nature, and they found that in the horse the life force is fulfilled. So, they took the horse as a symbol for life force and the sunray as the transmitter of life force. The seven rays are a beauty to observe. Their movement is one of permeation. (Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar: Seminar on Sri Suktam)
The picture of the month, "Aries - Permeation", illustrates this symbolism.



Full Moon Meditation Formula 2017-18

Full Moon Meditation
The full moon and the new moon are the two important nodal points in human consciousness. In fact, all the mental activity of the biological beings on this earth is instrumented by the actions of the moon. The new moon and the full moon are the best days to conduct meditation within yourself and they are the days of great opportunity to contact the higher forces in you and the higher forces outside.

Astrological Diary 2017 / 2018

Astrological Diary
Free download of the Astrological Diary of WTT-Global (English version) for the year Aries 2017 - Pisces 2017, with the daily ephemerides and hints for the spiritual work with the constellations.


Vaisakh Newsletter

Vaisakh Newsletter

You can find here the English version of the Vaisakh newsletter for the month of Aries. The Vaisakh Newsletter is always published at the beginning of the sign. If you would like to be informed as soon as the letter is published, we can include you in the Vaisakh Newsletter mailing list.

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We have a blog with the title "Flowers on the Wayside - along the roads of Good-Will". A blog is like an online-diary. We post there in intervals little comments about events from daily life, linked with the spiritual work, which is at the basis of the good-will website.