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spacerCircle of Good Will

Let us form the Circle of Good Will



From the South through Love, which is pure

From the West through Wisdom, which is true

From the East through Will, which is noble

From the North through Silence, which is golden

May the Light make beautiful our lives . . .


These lines compose the prelude and theme for the work of the Circle of Good Will. They introduce the invocation** given by Dr. K. P. Kumar in 1998. Our website would like to invite you to take some time in order to contemplate for a little while and in silence on seed thoughts which touch you. For a thought is like a seed of a plant, which sprouts, bears blossoms and fruits. A thought of a pure nature has great creative power, as energy follows our thoughts.


The purpose of our website and our newsletter is to give the inspiration and encouragement to put one‘s own findings into daily practice. This brings light into the everyday life, and slowly the light will begin to radiate and to inspire others: "May the Light make beautiful our lives . . ."


The Circle of Good Will



* Love conquers all. ** An invocation is an appeal directed to spiritual principles and creates as an echo a reaction (evocation).



Good Will is contagious !