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Letters on Spiritual Astrology


For the spiritualist, the path of the zodiac forms an important course

of his theoretical and practical study.

The zodiac is the limitation of man when he is in the lowest

and at the same time it is the path of his liberation

when he is on the higher plane.



spirituelle astrologieThese lines are from „Spiritual Astrology“ by Dr. E. Krishnamacharya. Spiritual astrology deals with the relationship between man and cosmos. It is one of the six keys to the secrets of wisdom whose centre is the consciousness of man. Through study and continuing meditation on the human and animal forms of the zodiac, he discovers that he is a small image of the cosmic man. He eventually realizes within himself all the planets, the solar system, and the cosmic plan to which he devotes his life. This wisdom reveals itself to the person who lives in the soul consciousness. Whoever is firmly anchored in the personality will never find the subtle dimensions.


The 48 „Letters on Spiritual Astrology“ contain thoughts from the wisdom teachings. Their purpose is to give encouragement to explore connections and correspondences and to elevate oneself to the level of Oneness which is found beyond the riddles of creation. From 2000 - 2004 these texts were mailed as monthly round-letters of the Circle of Good Will; they have been slightly revised.


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