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About the Circle of Good Will:

About the Teachings of Timeless Wisdom

About Right Action and Soul Consciousness

What is the Circle of Good Will?

Everywhere in the world there are people who stand up for furthering good will – in all areas of life. We regard ourselves as a part of this world-wide network of people of good will.

Inspired by the socio-spiritual work of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar we have founded the Circle of Good Will in Switzerland in May 2000. We are a little group of people of like-minded people and not an organisation. In different ways we seek to express good will in our lives and to promote it in our surrounding. In this one emphasis lies in promoting the understanding of the teachings of the Timeless Wisdom via our website, our newsletters and study groups. See also: Activities in the Area of Berne (German)

What are the basics of the Circle of Good Will?

The Circle of Good Will stands up for the advancement of right relations between human beings and with the environment and nature. The basics are the teachings of the Timeless Wisdom.

Practical Good Will is an expression of living spiritual values. The Circle of Good Will works especially for the spiritual synthesis between East and West.

All activities of the Circle of Good Will are honorary and free of charge. They are supported by friends through donations. Within the realms of our possibilities we also support activities of other groups and persons who engage in furthering right human relations.

Who is responsible for the website

Responsible for the website is Ludger Philips, whereas the contents themselves come from the teachings of the Timeless wisdom. The blogposts are written by Ludger. Contact

What are the teachings of the Timeless Wisdom?

Wisdom is divine and timeless. It is not a personal property and you cannot possess it. On the contrary, wisdom or ignorance possess man. Wisdom expresses itself from time to time according to the Divine Plan to show people the path. Thus since 150 years the age-old wisdom preserved in the East is brought again to light in a modern language in order to make the teachings anew available to people in East and West.

The science of colour, sound, symbol; of yoga, meditation and healing; of the time cycles and of spiritual astrology and psychology; but also a comparative study of the World Scriptures among others belong to the subjects of the Timeless Wisdom. The study of wisdom conveys a practical knowledge, which has to be applied in life in order to enlighten us. Today many initiates inform people on a global plane about the right spiritual principles, for the application in everyday life however there is still much more practice necessary. Spiritual teachings and practices are only of value when they contribute to the economic, cultural and social welfare of mankind.

Who are the teachers of the Timeless Wisdom?

The great teachers of Timeless Wisdom are also called the Masters of Wisdom or the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is a community of enlightened ones, whose head is called Lord Maitreya in the Eastern scriptures. They lead people on the Path of Light and teach the Timeless Wisdom in a language suited to the corresponding time. They lead the seekers of Truth and promote Truth in every teaching and every religion. Their teachings emphasise synthesis, that mankind is a unity, that all existence is a great whole. As basis of spiritual progress they emphasise a simple life of active love and service to the common wheal, in silence and without sensation. They show the ideal of a normal life in day-to-day living which at the same time is penetrated by a focus towards the inner by means of meditation, spiritual study and inner discipline: Thus energies from subtle sources are made available for the progress of the human community.

What is the work of the Masters of Wisdom?

One main emphasis of their work lies in the promotion of the higher evolution of humanity and of the planet.
They work for the spiritual fusion of East and West and spread the message of the Eternal Wisdom and of Universal Love as the basis of all life. Today there is a great need to inform people in East and West about the right spiritual and material values and to inspire them to apply it in everyday life. It is a need of the time to unite the strengths of East and West, to maintain the best of both and to eliminate the negative.

The Masters of Wisdom sow the seed of the Aquarian energy and conduct their work through many disciples in all parts of the world. Some of the great messengers of this spiritual renaissance are Helena P. Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey and Helena Roerich. In recent times the work was continued in a substantial manner by Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya and Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar. In 1971 the World Teacher Trust (W.T.T.) was founded by Dr. Krishnamacharya (Master E.K.) and is now conducted by Dr. Kumar. The W.T.T. is entirely devoted to furthering this work. The Circle of Good Will closely co-operates with it. If you are interested in the books of the W.T.T., you can have a look at the website

How can I co-operate with this work?

We don’t have to think that we want to save the world or to directly co-operate with the Masters of Wisdom. The first and most important step for a co-operation is that we start with ourselves and integrate the Wisdom Teachings in our own lives. To this belongs:
  • Taking up a rhythm in our lives,
  • Regularly turning inward with the help of meditation or prayers,
  • Studying in the Scriptures and make notes
  • Applying in everyday life what we have recognised as right
  • With no things go to extremes, but to follow the golden middle path
  • Be and keep humorous. Humour makes the problems of life more easy. With smiling we can uplift ourselves and others.

It is helpful to keep a diary and to note there one’s own realizations, ideas and progresses. In the morning or in the evening we should do a review of what we have reached and plan the next steps.

If we keep our eyes open, we see many possibilities to do something for the welfare of others, so small it might be. More important than the size of the service is the motive. What we do shouldn’t have a use related to ourselves. In this way we learn to follow the impulses of the soul.

And if once mistakes happen: It is better to do something than to stay inactive. He who is responsible-minded and humble will accept that he has done something wrong and admit that he was the cause. Then he does his best to see that such a thing doesn’t happen again.

Maybe there are also other people nearby with whom we can co-operate or meditate in a group. The work grows in silence, simplicity and perseverance, not through publicity and missionary zeal.

How do I recognize if that what I want to do is right?

Suppose we have an idea for an act of good will or for a step which brings us closer to the solution of a problem. On principle it is good to wait for one or two days if possible. If the impulse came from the higher self, a confirmation will come from our surrounding, for example from other people or from a book, which we open “by chance” on the right page. If however the idea came from the lower self, it won’t get a confirmation or it will simply lose its power.

How can I be active as a soul, if I haven’t yet realized that I am a soul or what my soul is?

Whenever we link up to the soul, we are active as souls. It is a continuous remembering “I am, I am That, That I am”. Whenever we forget this, we fall into the personality. If this thought stays with us regularly, then we work as a soul and are transformed in this way. This should be strengthened in us very firmly.

It is our destiny to be active as a soul by seeing the soul in all. Therefore, when we awake in the morning, we shouldn’t jump up at once in a hurry, but pause for a moment to call it to our mind and only then go along. If we begin with this recollection, we are aligned in a different way.

If for example we want to help a person, we should first call the exercise of “That I am” to our mind. At the same time we visualize that the other is the same as we are. He is another soul from the same source. We are a wave, the other is another wave. Both have come from the same ocean. We link up to the ocean and go into the other as ocean. This is a basic technique of healing.

Without this exercise to gain the awareness of the soul our ability to help or to heal is very little. It remains a good intention. If however something is done with a good intention, it supports our inner purification.

Everything becomes significant, if we work in the direction of the soul. We have to keep on remembering this again and again.

I have another question …

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