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Good will does not equal good intention. A good intention may be the beginning, but this alone is not enough; neither is good wishing and desiring. We must develop the required skills and to train our minds. We have to act in an intelligent and determined way. Good will has to be efficient, not impractical and starry-eyed unrealistic.

Good Will becomes much more powerful through cooperation and group work than by acting as individuals, but every work that means something good for society is a work of Good Will. Already the will to serve is an act of Good Will. Here the purity of intention is very important: The will to serve is not the will to power.

For Good Will right knowledge is needed. Knowledge about what is good and what is else but good. Whoever wants to be a worker of Good Will has to acquire this knowledge. He or she must know what goes on in society and on the planet, and must not be busy only with his / her own little life. Television, internet and the written media help us to become well-informed, even though there are many useless or even destructive things. Of course it is up to us to choose.

Introducing the element of Good Will into society creates changes for good. Especially through persons with influence and through the right use of money. Business men and women are also people with hearts, who can use their resources to initiate acts of Good Will. All of us have a certain influence and financial means, even if they are small. We inspire through or own example. It doesn't matter in which field of life we are active. One suggestion is to use 10 percent of one's income (the biblical "tenth") and of one's time for acts of Good Will.

It is helpful to ask yourself daily how much time you have used for Good Will.

Acts of Good Will give energy. Those who believe that they have no time, should think how much energy they rob from themselves through scattered activities and thoughts.

A good way to focus your vital force are meditation and prayer. He who himself is no more a problem, has already solved one problem of humanity and can help more effectively.

It is also inspiring to look at the example of the great ones, who dedicated their lives in a selfless way to the progress of mankind, like for example Mahatma Gandhi, who made the British leave India by means of his nonviolent action.

We too can achieve much good with right determination. Let us therefore make efforts to contribute thoughts and deeds of Good Will to life - with patience, love and compassion. But also with perseverance and stamina.



Good Will is contagious !