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Manifesto 2000

For a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence


There are countless possibilities to put Good Will into practice, certainly also in your vicinity. One example is the Manifesto 2000 of the UNESCO for the International Year for a Culture of Peace.

The Manifesto 2000 was drafted by a group of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and appeals to the responsibility of each individual to put into practice forms of behaviour and values, which promote a culture of peace - that is Good Will - in everyday life. The Manifesto asks to commit oneself for the realisation of the following six principles:

1. Respect all life

2. Reject violence

3. Share with others

4. Listen to understand

5. Preserve the planet

6. Rediscover solidarity

The UNESCO requests you to sign the Manifesto 2000, as an expression of commitment, in the internet or on paper: UNESCO / MANIFESTO 2000 / International Year for the Culture of Peace, UNESCO, 7 place Fontenoy, F-75352 Paris 07 SP France, Fax: ++33-1-