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The Extern Stones

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Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar in Bad Meinberg, on the occasion of a visit of the Extern Stones in June 2004:


„People in Germany should feel responsible towards the Extern Stones. It is a holy place which has survived time cycles. It radiates energies representing age-old values. In my opinion, it is a place of pilgrimage. This afternoon, we shall visit that place as pilgrims to experience its peace and silence in spite of the superficial agitation taking place there.

Around the Extern Stones there is a group of beings working for harmonizing the energies in Germany. As a Goodwill group we should have a responsibility for that place, and we should think whether – as a group – we could do something to give back its holiness and serenity to that place. We could contact the competent authorities and insist upon preserving and protecting the sacredness. The Extern Stones can be developed into a place which people visit. However, drinking, dancing, etc. should be avoided. Such activity of restoring places of light should belong to acts of Goodwill. The whole German group should project thoughts into that direction.

We could think about means and methods how to return their inherent radiance and holiness to the Extern Stones, so that they can better transmit their vibrations which in turn can be experienced by people. Through such action, the whole country could take advantage in gaining harmony. The World Teacher Trust Germany could ponder upon this and prepare a plan of action."

The World Teacher Trust Germany regularly conducts group meditations at the Extern Stones. More information:


externThe lower and the higher mind are separated from each other by a gap. When we have constructed the bridge between the two areas, the soul can shine through the personality. The picture shows a bridge over the gap between two rocks of the Externsteine. In ancient times this rock formation near Bielefeld / Germany was used as an initiation place. In former times there was an initiation cave on the top of the higher rock on the picture. Still today the rays of the sun shine through a round hole in the morning of the summer solstice.