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Living Values

An Educational Program


Everywhere in the world people are affected by violence, growing social problems and a lack of respect for each other and the world around them. More and more people feel that it is necessary to renew the social system and to develop a sense for right values.

How to foster constructive attitudes and a positive character? How can a values-based education empower children and young adults to develop self-esteem, tolerance and social responsibility in a lifelong learning?

As an answer for these questions a partnership among educators around the world has developed an effective program, which builds positive emotional and social skills, including conflict resolution and tolerance. Living Values: An Educational Program is an experiential values education program for children, young adults, parents and children-affected-by-war. The project is supported by UNESCO, sponsored by the Spanish Committee of UNICEF, Planet Society, and the Brahma Kumaris, in consultation with the Education Cluster of UNICEF (New York).

The purpose of Living Values: An Educational Program is to provide guiding principles and tools for the development of the whole person, recognizing that the individual is comprised of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.



Living Values


The website offers plenty of related education material downloads in several languages.