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"Spiritual Astrology"

by Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya


Buch des Monats

The purpose of this book is to provide some of the keys to what was given out to Madam H. P. Blavatsky in her occult classic „The Secret Doctrine” and further developed through the writings of Alice A. Bailey. The astrological key is inevitable to read the Scriptures of the world and understand them in a proper manner. „Spiritual Astrology“ deals with the spiritual evolution of man and for this a definite idea of the spiritual order of the universe and the solar system is necessary. This book is highly recommended for all serious students of astrology, symbolism, and the occult sciences.

Content: The Formation of the Solar Systems; The Three Great Centres; explanations on Moon, Globe and Circle; Correspondences; Periodicity; Tortoise as a Symbol; The Zodiac and the Zodiacal Signs; Planets and their Aspects; Moon Cycles; The Ascendant and the Houses; Sanskrit-Glossary.

Kulapathi Book Trust / The World Teacher Trust, Visakhapatnam, India 2004-2.

The book is also published in Bulgarian. Orders (correspondence in engl./bulg.). Download the book as PDF.





Chapter 7: Corespondences

It is already explained that every point in the zodiac has its correspondences in the bodies of every man. Of course every animal, plant and mineral atom also has all these correspondences in its own body or structure. The correspondence is not only in the physical shape but also in the subtler vehicles and principles. For the present let us take the case of the human being. In all the ordinary books of astrology, we find the corresponding places of our physical body in the zodiacal signs which is only one application of a grand truth. For example, Aries rules the head; Taurus, the face; Gemini, the shoulders and the vocal cords; Cancer, the lungs; Leo, the heart; Virgo, the stomach; Libra, the ring around the navel and the lower abdomen; Scorpio, the genitals; Sagittarius, the thighs; Capricorn, the knees; Aquarius, the calves and Pisces, the feet.

This piece of information is used by the astrologers to locate the portions of the body that are affected by the position, aspect, progression, transit and the diurnal rotation of the sign. For example, when Jupiter is in Aries the head is well shaped, etc. However this comes true only when the individual is in: the personality-level. But if he is in the stage of individualisation, his chart of twelve houses affects him in accordance with the symbolism of the signs. For example, the ascendant denotes head, the second house the face, the third house the shoulders and so on. For a man who is below the personality-level in his evolution, Jupiter in the first house at birth gives a well-shaped and healthy head, etc.

This type of location of the limbs of the physical body in the signs and the houses has a higher purpose in spiritual astrology. If the individual meditates upon the symbols of those zodiacal houses within those respective parts of the body, the cells, the nerve centres and the glands of his body are stimulated in such a way that he is soon elevated to the personality-level. If he meditates upon the symbolism and the activity of the planets located in those houses at birth, his progress becomes more speedy. If he specializes this process of meditation upon those houses when the planets are. transiting those houses it will help him still further. When that particular house at birth is crossing his daily meridian, the time is most favourable for this meditation. If he associates with persons born with their ascendant coinciding with that particular house in his horoscope, this will help him still further. The same is the case with the zodiacal signs, when the person is in the personality-level.

From the time of the awakening of soul-consciousness in him, he begins to live in group-consciousness with a direct contact with those who are in the same level. In such a stage, he should specialize his spiritual activity upon the sign of his ascendant exclusively. Then he should however locate the parts of his body in the reverse order of the signs from the ascendant. For example, the ascendant den6tes the head. the twelfth house denotes his face and so on. By this time the pupil receives his third initiation. He lives as one in all the hearts of his co-disciples. All the experiences of the whole group of disciples will be equally distributed after a pooling down.