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Spiritual Background


The Circle of Good Will is connected with the World Teacher Trust (WTT). The WTT is an organisation of people, who are inspired by the lives and teachings of the great Teachers of Eternal Wisdom.

The groups associated with the World Teacher Trust work in different fields of life and are spread all over the planet. They work with the main idea of good will especially in the fields of healing and teaching.

The WTT emphasises what has been said by the seers and sages of all times: The social, economic and domestic activities of man should be in tune with the Law of Nature. The human desire, the material acquisitive tendencies and the use of such material should be subservient to the Law.

The WTT is particularly inspired by the life and teachings of Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya (Master EK, 1926-1984), who founded the WTT in 1971, and Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar (Master KPK, 1945 -), the present Chairman (since 1984). The Trust spreads their impersonal teachings; multi-faceted wisdom flows through them, inspiring aspirants in the East and the West into a right way of living. The WTT works under the direct guidance of Master CVV (1868-1922) for the human perfection. Sri Mynampati Narasimham (Master MN, 1883-1940), initiated into the yoga path by Master CVV in 1919, initiated thousands of families into yogic life and liberated them from the bondage of karma through the process of yogic magnetisation.