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Picture to the Month of Gemini

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Gemini - Ardhanari, the Male-Female God


The whole creation is an objectification of the subjectivity which we call God. These two aspects, Subjectivity and Objectivity are visualized as the first pair, Gemini. According to the ancient Indian tradition, Gemini represents a pair of supplementaries, subjectivity and objectivity. Subjectivity is called the Lord and objectivity is called the power of the Lord in relation to his Lady. Hence the pair represents the birth of the first Androgyne, Sakti and Siva. The emblem is called Ardhanari (the male who is half female). (Dr. E. Krishnamacharya: Full Moon Meditations - Gemini)
The picture of the month, "Gemini - Ardhanari, the Male-Female God", illustrates this symbolism.


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