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Picture to the Month of Leo

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Leo - Hercules Conquering the Inner Lion


The lion is the king of the animals. We know the animal in us, which is our personality. It is that personality, which is put to death in the cave. The man returns without any identity other than the identity of Existence. He only refers to it all the time in the first person. When he refers to IT in the first person, naturally we take to his personality than to the person, he is referring to. He refers to the Indweller of the form in the first person, but we take to the form, through which IT is expressed. Every time it is THAT he refers to, which is called like "THIS". Only THAT appears in all. Since he has to communicate in the world, he uses the names which are generally used by others. (Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar: Hercules – The Man and the Symbol)
The picture of the month, "Leo - Hercules Conquering the Inner Lion", illustrates this symbolism.


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