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Picture to the Month of Libra

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Libra - Nyasa Vidya, Adjusting to the Planes


Nyasa Vidya means relating the micro to the macro. The solar system has its macro arrangement with the micro; beings relate to the macro arrangement, so that we fall in order and thus tune up to the bigger system. ‘As above so below’ is the law. The practice stated here corresponds to this law. Relating oneself to a bigger system results in transmission of energies from the bigger system to the smaller one. By this the smaller gains the same energy system as that of the bigger. What is suggested is a process of orientation. When our orientation to a larger system is complete, the energies are totally rearranged in accordance with the larger system, and we become a mini solar system. Astrology has this facility and is therefore seen as a key for self-transformation and self-realisation. (Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar: Mercury - The Alchemist)
The picture of the month, "Libra - Nyasa Vidya, Adjusting to the Planes", illustrates this symbolism.


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