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Book Presentation

"Music of the Soul"

by Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya


Buch des Monats

Ekkirala Krishnamacharya (Master E.K.): “The ancient tradition that became the basis of the theosophical wisdom is taken as the basis of this book. The main characters of this book, Maitreya, Maru, Devapi, are gathered from the Puranas, and it is shown how they live through births and rebirths with the continuity of consciousness which enables them to have a continuous plan of their work. Their plan is called The Plan of the Masters and it has no other purpose except fulfilling the purpose of the World Teacher.

Maitreya is known by the same name in the modern age; he is also known as the Christ. Maru of the Puranas is known as Morya, while Devapi is known as Koot Hoomi. Djwhal Khul, the Light of the present day, who is also known as Master D.K. or the Tibetan, was trained into discipleship by Maru and Devapi through centuries. This book presents the facts that took place at the time of Lord Krishna, 5000 years ago; it describes the trend of things that made Djwhal Khul a Master.

The whole content of this book came to my mind as a flash within seconds and I started to dictate the book at 10.30 p.m. on 27-1-1973 and completed it by 6.30 p.m. on 10-2-1973. The book came to me without any proposal from my side.”

The World Teacher Trust, Visakhapatnam, India 1987.



Chapter 24 (extract)

Chapter 24 describes how the outer consciousness of Djwhala Khula, whose name in the outer world was Giri Sarma, was connected with the inner consciousness.

Djwhala Khula felt a vertigo in his head. … He opened his eyes and stood in a pondering mood for a few moments. …

Djwhala Khula: “Then what about myself? I remember myself now as Giri Sarma, the daughter’s son of Sudama in Dwaraka. I well remember the days of childhood when I was brought up in Dwaraka. I do remember that I lost my mother when I was three. Again I remember also that my name is Djwhala Khula.”

Maru: “It is programmed by Lord Maitreya today that you will be initiated into a new awakening. It was twelve births ago that Devapi enrolled you as his disciple. Three births ago he appeared before you for the first time and took you into his direct service. Till now every death washed off your memories along with the brain cells. Only one spiritual training carried the seed tendencies as a continuity of part of your consciousness. This spiritual consciousness runs through like the thread running through the many flowers in a garland.

Every birth was named separately by the corresponding parents. Apart from that we give a code name to the disciples at the time of enrolment. This code runs through the series of rebirths and you are known by this name. The code name given to you. was Djwhala Khula. Spiritual practice belongs to the Soul and it continues through all these births. On the mental plane you had your own programme in each birth separately. But it was washed off by the consecutive deaths of the physical bodies. For the Soul programme, we hold the responsibility. For the programme of the mind you are responsible. It is the programme of our Grand Master to link up the two layers of consciousness to you in this birth. The Soul programme of a disciple is called the spiritual plan and the mental programme of each birth is called the human career. Today the two are linked up in you. Now you have crossed the portals of the third initiation."