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"The Aquarian Master"

by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar


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This book speaks of a Master who anchored the New Age energy on the planet and in the solar system as well. At the beginning of the 20th century, this solar system (and our planet too) went through certain grand initiations, via Sirius. As a result there is a sea-change in life in and around the planet Earth. A Master steered the New Age energy - called "Energy of Synthesis" - from higher circles to that of the planetary circles. An attempt is made in this book to give a brief - though sketchy - account of his work and the teaching.

Content: A Life of Splendour; The Energy of Synthesis; The Process; The Master Mechanic; The Healing Energy; The Yoga of the Master; Dhanishta Meditation; To Be Spiritual is Natural; Man and Wife; I AM; His Promise; Master and the Planets; The Hierarchy; The Aquarian Age; The Avatar of Synthesis; Life - A Joyful Journey; The Descent.


Dhanishta, Visakhapatnam, India / Dhanishta Switzerland 2007-2. ISBN 978-3-9523145-2


Copies: The World Teacher Trust-Global • Wasenmattstrasse 1
CH-8840 Einsiedeln • Switzerland 




Chap. 14: The Aquarian Age

The Aquarian Age commenced, coinciding with the Coronation of Queen Victoria and will last 2160 years.
Its beginning saw humanity preparing to receive the energies relating to air and space. We are at the threshold.

There was a time when conquest of land was synonymous with greatness. This was the hour of the Alexanders and the Napoleons. This was followed by a conspicuous spurt in navigation between countries. Conquering distant lands by crossing the great oceans was considered as the greatest deed then. Among the countries which pursued this massive personality trait, Great Britain was significant. It attained the name as 'unquestionable mistress of the sea' and mastered the conquering act to perfection through colonisation.

Water stands for, among other things, emotion. Pure waters of life denote pure emotion. There is no progress in evolution without transcending emotion. Water was the chief element of the previous age, the Piscean Age. The next stage to water is air - the element of Aquarian Age, through the fire. Fire stands for transformation. The muddy emotional waters need to be boiled and steamed up through fire to collect the pure waters of the sky, represented by the Aquarian symbol.

Victoria was the first queen who recognised the futility of conquering land and wanted to put a stop to it! The expansionist quality of the human beings received a break through her.

In this context, the years 1900 to 1910 were significant. It was during this year that the Planet received certain special energies. It was the period of the Comet. Comet is a fiery body and all such fiery bodies emanate from a cosmic centre with a purpose, a purpose known to the advanced initiates. There is a whirlpool of cosmic fire. In this centre, there are circling whirls. When they reach the outer circle, the splinters of the cosmic fire go about in various directions in space. It is these splinters that form into the Sun globe and each Sun globe forms its own solar system in due course of time. The Comets also come from the same centre. They do not form into globes and systems. They move around in the Solar System according to a pattern which is yet to be understood.

The tail of the Halley's Comet touched our Planet in 1910. Master CVV, the Aquarian Master, received the energies, staying in Kumbhakonam. Konam stands for angle and Kumbha stands for the Aquarian symbol i.e. the water pot. The pot carries waters of life that descend from above. He distributed these waters of life (energies into the plant kingdom first so that the animals an humans will, slowly get acquainted with them, as the use plant as their food.

The visit of the Comet ushered in the advent of air travel and the Wright Brothers invented the aeroplane around 1910. It also sowed seeds for release of life from matter and for inter-planetary travel.

To be light in weight became the keynote of the Age. This was greatly perceived in the metals that we use. Aluminium, alloys, plastic and glass replaced bronze, brass and iron!

The feeling, 'small is beautiful' spread. Housing has undergone a revolution. Small flats built with light materials have replaced the palatial mansions of heavy stone.

The clothing is also changed in its fabric. The food that we get is much lighter than to what our ancestors ate. People have started to tend towards vegetarianism noticeably. Man will eat less in future and his body will become lighter. As Aquarian energy touched the plant kingdom, each time man eats, he is consuming the Aquarian energy. This is not the first Aquarian Age and this will not be the last either, on the Planet.

During the previous Aquarian Age also, humanity knew how to fly. Not only in aeroplanes. People were simply flying! It will happen again. Master has said that man will fly in air in the 21st Century. The concept of superman will become a reality.

The Aquarian energy is working on the emotional and mental levels of man also. Though differences still exist, acceptance of humanity as one kingdom and of one life on the Planet is also emerging. Master stated that the energies have a specific plan of synthesising the human understanding. He declared that there would be no barriers of creeds, of religions, of nations and of continents and that the concept of barrier will be broken to pieces. The fall of the Berlin Wall and of the Iron Curtain, the sweeping changes in Eastern Europe and the emergence of European Economic Community are also events in this direction.

The new energy will not destroy the good in the old but will remove all that is not useful for us. It works to converge all into one life. Those who are already inclined towards such oneness tune up to the synthesis of life. Those who are not or those who resist are put through the painful process of breaking. "Bend or Break” is the keynote of this energy. By the time we get into the 21st century, this energy would have got rid of the negative energies which humanity carded for centuries. For centuries people were entertaining the concept of greatness. It is being convincingly replaced by the concept of goodness.

Much is being done to make man light in all his three bodies - physical, mental and emotional - and develop the body of ether, which is an aspect of Aquarian Age. The etheric body is developed through the process of realising oneness in life, through service. Then, man will overcome death. He will continue to live in the etheric and can take gross physical bodies at will and also dissolve them at will.

To build lighter bodies on the Planet is one object of the Energy of Synthesis and all life is being transformed towards this goal. Those who are not willing for such transformation are put through Saturn which gives the first discipline, Uranus which gives the second and Pluto which gives the third discipline. With that, the process of change through bending or breaking will be complete.

The most important aspect of all this work is to see that there is no death on this Planet. In this light, let us recollect the advertisement in THE HINDU, given by Master CVV, who received the Energies of Synthesis into him:


Master said the energies will work on the Planet in four rounds of 60 years each, beginning from the year when he was born.